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ReactNative vs iOS SDK for App Development

ReactNative vs iOS SDK for App Development
Posted By Joseph Skarulis

When companies and departments evaluate the technology to be utilized to develop mobile apps, there are often opposing perspectives, debating between building purely native SDK (iOS & Android) versus hybrid web based frameworks.
There are certainly pros and cons to both iOS & Android. Check out this article, the team evaluated React Native compared to Native iOS SDK
The team came to the same conclusion many iOS / Android developers will discover: You'll spend alot of time realizing that even though hybrid frameworks are becoming trendy (PhoneGap, Iconic, ReactNative, Angular mobile, etc) offer similar UI response look and feel, they are too limited to cover functionalities, components, and maximum speed native code already provide to be able to build commercial, enterprise apps.

After our month-long investigation we can definitively say that React Native is not a mature or stable platform yet.

Here is another quote in another article which counters the argument thinking of using React Native to develop for both iOS and Android with one code base just doesn't work as promised. There are always features you will need to write in native code.

"In a nutshell, iOS developers probably shouldn’t be looking at React Native as a solution to shipping on two platforms. Writing an iOS app natively will take much less time and most likely have a better UX. The same is true for the Android app, so all in all I think everyone is better served going platform-native."


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